Premium-wrapped handmade soap perfect for gift-giving – great soap, beautiful wrapping! Available in Patchouli – Sandalwood and Man Soap.

Etowah River Pottery is the product of Deanne Freeman McWaters and Jeff McWaters of Dahlonega GA.FreshClover-c
Our canvas is a clay one with a rustic country look – evoking a relaxed, personalized and handmade feel.

Inspired by a long history of folk art in the north Georgia mountains, the images we create are not sophisticated, but charming glimpses of a simple yet satisfying lifestyle.

All pottery is food, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe, lead-free and designed for daily use. We hope you enjoy it.

Etowah River Pottery proudly introduces our selection of handmade soaps – made from olive, coconut and palm oils with textures of oatmeal or poppy seeds. Treat yourself to soothing, light fragrances and lather up! The combination of our soap and pottery engages all the senses, offering a completed gift for someone special or just for you.

All soaps are cold-process and handmade using only the best of ingredients. Fragrances are designed especially for soap-making. We do not use dyes. All bars are labeled with their ingredients. As with any soap, test on a small area of skin before using.