Have you ever read the ingredients list on the soap you buy at the store? Sodium lauryl sulfate? Titanium dioxide? What is all that stuff?

Long-time soap maker, Joy Popp, gave us lessons last winter, and Jeff and I were hooked! soapdishWe “cold-process” the soap using quality ingredients, listed on the label of every bar. You recognize these: olive, coconut and palm oils. Lye, which changes to soap when it’s mixed with the oils. Fresh water from our mountain well, tested and with excellent purity. Food like oatmeal, poppy seeds or coffee to add a gentle scrub or other benefits to the soap. And lastly, often a light fragrance oil that is commercially formulated for soap-making. It’s so natural and so moisturizing compared to those mass-produced soaps!

We make a large block of soap, then cut the bars by hand, each approximately four ounces. Next, we air dry them for several weeks to maximize their firmness. Lastly, we label and wrap them in decorative paper sleeves, coordinating the colors with our beautiful pottery soap dishes. This soap and pottery combination offers a complete gift for oneself or someone special.

What a great way to treat yourself! And you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin.

Handmade soap varieties:

Mint and Calendula petalssoap_small
Lemon Verbena Oatmeal
Patchouli Sandalwood Poppy Seed
Honeysuckle Oatmeal
And more!
Thanks for your interest!

Deanne Freeman, Potter & Soap-maker